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University Senate

The University Senate takes decisions about all academic and research issues of the university.

The University Senate consists of:

a) the Rector,

b) the Deans of the Schools,

c) the Chairs of the Departments,

d) one (1) elected representative from each category of members of Special Educational Staff (E.E.P.), Laboratory Teaching Staff (E.D.I.P.), and Special Technical Laboratory Staff (E.T.E.P.) of the University, provided that the corresponding categories of personnel serve in the University,

e) the representatives of the students at a rate of ten percent (10%) of the total members of the Senate of the above cases a΄ to c΄, with the obligation that each cycle of studies (undergraduate students, postgraduate students, doctoral candidates) to be represented by at least one (1) student. Student representatives are nominated by the Student Council.

The Vice-Rectors who are assigned an area of responsibility related to the competences of the Senate, do participate in the meetings of the Senate without, however, having the right to vote.