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Teaching and Learning Support Office (T.L.S.O.)

The University of the Aegean, focusing on excellence, quality assurance, extroversion, enhancing teaching, research and innovation, systematizes the effort to provide high quality services to its students and support the work of the teaching staff: In this context, the UAegean has established the “Teaching and Learning Support Office” (Government Gazette 3933 / 15-9-2020 b’), in order to provide multiple support services, empowerment and continuous improvement of the teaching and learning processes at the University of the Aegean, having the student population as the final beneficiary.   Among the objectives of the Office the teaching staff updated about the developments in the field of University Pedagogy, the creation, exchange and systemization of good practices and tools for the effective design, teaching and evaluation of the learning process, as well as the listing of teaching needs and queries related to teaching – learning process. Also, the development of effective techniques and learning methods to improve learning outcomes, the development of modern and diverse learning environments that will utilize techniques and methods with respect to the specific learners’ characteristics and the principles of differentiated teaching, based on special educational needs of students, as well as the proposal and introduction of innovations with the use of ICT in teaching.    The planning of actions in collaboration with members of the scientific, professional, research or educational sector, but as well as synergies with Laboratories, Centers and Offices, agencies and institutes that operate in Greece and abroad and have as their objective teaching and learning and the exchange of “know-how” regarding modern educational approaches is considered important for the development of TLSO.    For more information see here.