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Blue Development Committee “Aegean Archipelago”

The University Blue Development Committee “Aegean Archipelago” is responsible for issues regarding the planning of a strategy harmonized with the aims of the strategy for Blue Development and Insularity in order for the University of the Aegean to promote, support and coordinate its activities directly or indirectly related to the long term strategy of the EU for the sustainable development of the marine and the shipping sector and described in brief under the term “Blue Development”. Blue Economy has particular significance for the economic development and the creation of new jobs, both for Europe and especially for Greece and its islands. This strategy recognises that seas and oceans are levers of the European economy with a large potential for innovation and growth.

In brief the “Blue Development” strategy consists of three components:

  • Integrated Sea Policy and measures applied (a. Knowledge about the sea, b. Sea spatial planning, c. Integrated sea monitoring).
  • Sea basin strategies (a. the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea, c. the Arctic Ocean, c. the Atlantic Ocean, d. the Baltic Sea, e. the Black Sea, f. the Mediterranean Sea, g. the North Sea) which aim at safeguarding the most appropriate combination of measures to promote sustainable development.
  • Strategies for the five (5) priority areas of Blue Economy (a. Blue energy, b. Aquaculture, c. Sea and costal tourism and cruise line tourism, d. Sea mineral resources, d. Blue biotechnology).

The Committee aims at shaping a common strategy based on the following objectives:

  • Supporting research and deepening knowledge about all sectors of Blue Economy and using research results for the benefit of the academic/ research community, local communities of the Archipelago and society in general.
  • Coordinating the research work of the University and focusing on modern research subjects which are at the forefront of international interest and at the same time serving the basic components of Blue Development.
  • Disseminating and promoting activities regarding research and innovation in the sea and shipping, in order to better understand the sea environment and its anthropogenic burdens and also the impact of climate change on coastal environments, infrastructure and natural resources.
  • Promoting the effective protection of coastal and marine ecosystems and the sustainable use of marine resources by taking into consideration regional socioeconomic development and the need for a more effective marine spatial planning.
  • Promoting smart, sustainable, integrated Blue Development in the context of “The 2030 Agenda” adopted by UN member states and consisting of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals for economy, society, the environment and governance.

Environmental Management Committee “Τhe Green University”

In order to respond to current challenges regarding active participation and the need to play an essential role in the protection of the environment and sustainable development, the University of the Aegean has established an Environmental Management Committee (EMC) entitled “the Green University”. The EMC aims at a) organising the environmental policy, the culture and activities of the Institution for the benefit of the academic community, local Aegean communities and society in general, b) highlighting the current environmental direction of the Institution with the objective to promote interventions for environmental governance, based on the principles of sustainability and focusing on:

  • the improvement of the University’s environmental performance;
  • awareness raising and activation of all members of the academic community;
  • the strengthening of the environmental and sustainable dimension of study programs, research and academic or social initiatives of the University;
  • highlighting, supporting and expanding voluntary initiatives and actions taken by members of the academic community for environmental and sustainability issues.