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Studying at the University of the Aegean

The University of the Aegean consists of a network of “academic ports of studies and research” successfully established in six (6) campuses spread across the Aegean Archipelago, providing a unique natural, cultural and human environment. The headquarters of the UAegean is located in Mytilene (on the island of Lesvos), whereas the six (6) Schools and 18 Departments of the University and its forty-four (44) Master’s Programs and PhD Studies are located in the cities of Mytilene (Lesvos), Chios (Chios), Karlovassi (Samos), Rhodes (Rhodes), Ermoupolis (Syros) and in Myrina (Lemnos). All academic departments develop modern interdisciplinary curricula and research agendas in fields corresponding to the need of contemporary society, and to students’ needs and expectations by providing studies of high academic value and excellent career prospects. The University’s wide range of Master’s Programs, educational and research activities (e.g. International Summer Schools, Lifelong Learning Programs, etc) are targeted to both national and international students and audiences. The added value of the programs provided by the University has also been highlighted by an employment status survey held in 2015 by the UAegean and regarding 14.339 graduates, 5.341 postgraduates and 527 doctoral alumni.

The University of the Aegean has over time established an administrative structure which allows all members of the community to exceed the fragmentation or isolation which may be entailed in the multi-insular structure of the University.
Continuous internet communication for day to day cooperation on all levels and for the operations of university bodies and services has gradually formed a cohesive web which has eliminated or at least weakened any feelings of marginalization.

Intense communication has over the years established a sense of community despite the difficulties caused by geographical dispersion.

Although there are differentiations among Schools and Departments, due to diverse scientific subjects and local insular cultures, the dynamics of subsuming all under a single University with commonly accepted goals, able to inspire the members of the university community and having a distinct profile when compared with other universities in Greece, has eventually functioned as a connective tissue penetrating all activities. It is the so called intrinsically and extrinsically Aegean”.

The University of the Aegean cares about students and their welfare

The University provides all the necessary means for supporting its students’ needs. Free accommodation in modern facilities is available to all eligible students. Meals at the university restaurant are also free for eligible students or charged at 2.5 euros/day (for breakfast, lunch and dinner).

The University of the Aegean is a close-knit community; the teaching staff and the students form real, everyday bonds, while the administrative and technical personnel attends all academic activities and events on a daily basis.

Students at the University of the Aegean are given the opportunity to join different clubs and societies and to express themselves through culture, art, or sports.