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Research Committee

The responsibilities of the Research Committee are focused on the management of research projects, the submission of an integrated proposal regarding the research policy of the University and the applying of the UAegean research policy. In this context, the Special Account for Research Grants (SARG), informs the academic and research staff about potential funding sources, encourages the submission of proposals for specific research projects, directs and guides the University personnel about funding procedures and finding research sources.

The aim of SARG is to provide and manage funds deriving from any source and intended to cover expenses of any kind which are necessary for the needs of research, educational, training and developmental projects and for continuing training, projects providing scientific, technological and artistic services, the elaboration of special studies, the execution of tests, the measurement of laboratory tests and analyses, the issuing of opinions, the composition of specifications for third parties, and other relevant services or activities contributing to the interlinking of education and research with production, and which are executed or provided by members of the incumbent scientific personnel of the University of the Aegean or in collaboration with other Public or Private Law special scientists.