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Lifelong learning

The University of the Aegean (UAegean) is dedicated to conducting
high level research and qualitative teaching on contemporary
dynamic study subjects serving the economic and social
development of the country, the cohesion of the European area and
the values of a universal culture, of which the Archipelagos is an
integral part.

Centre of Training and Lifelong Learning (CTLL)

The Centre of Training and Lifelong Learning (CTLL) of the University of the Aegean was founded in 2018. The CTLL is responsible for all continuing education, training, and, generally, for all lifelong learning programmes organised by the University, both on Greek islands and on a national and international level.

The CTLL’s objective is to further the University’s educational activities, making all lifelong learning programmes available either on-campus or through distance learning. The CTLL’s educational or training programmes are developed independently or in collaboration with Greek higher education institutions and research centres or equivalent institutions abroad.

Academic staff, who are responsible for every project and programme, supervise and monitor the design, organisation, and development of every training, continuing education, and, generally, of any lifelong learning programme.

The CTLL of the University of the Aegean drawing on the Institution’s renowned expertise in developing and managing educational programmes via live, mixed and e-learning courses, offers a set of innovative distance-learning Training Programmes for professional training and specialisation in cutting edge topics.

Training programmes

The most important benefits of lifelong learning programmes are:

  • Courses which are face-to-face, distance-learning or through the use of mixed educational models combining live and online distance learning in an optimal way, covering participants’ educational needs and offering flexibility and freedom as to where and when learning and studying take place;
  • Online and mixed training through asynchronous learning and interactively through the organisation of real-time/ synchronous teleconferences/videoconferencing;
  • Distance-learning courses are planned, prepared, and taught by the experienced academic and specialized staff of the University of the Aegean or of other institutions in Greece or abroad;
  • Courses are available throughout the year;
  • Courses lead to a certificate which mentions the total number of the course hours as well as the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training (ECVET) credits.
  • There is constant educational, technical, and administrative support at every stage of the registration and learning/ training process.

Summer Schools

The Summer Schools of the University of the Aegean are based on the frontiers of research with a strong interdisciplinary perspective within the fields of Humanities, Social Sciences, the Environment, Science, and Business
aiming at PhD level, Master and Bachelor students offered by the academic staff of the University of the Aegean and supported by researchers from other Greek research institutions and international guest lecturers from all over the world, offering a richness of teaching and learning methods, consisting of highly interactive activities (seminars, workshops, round tables, panels, hands-on activities, etc).

The Summer Schools of the University of the Aegean constitute a unique opportunity for researchers from around the world to participate in state-of-the-art research activities and exchange innovative ideas while exploring the Aegean Islands. At the same time, they consist a unique opportunity for the University of the Aegean, an international research -oriented University, to further showcase its activities to the international academic community while supporting the sustainability of local communities.

The distinct character of the University of the Aegean is that it offers a unique network of “academic ports of studies and research” in the context of a dynamic and competitive institution. Situated on 6 beautiful islands in the Aegean Archipelago, the University of the Aegean challenges the prevailing limitations of the academic endeavour in Greece, both in terms of its educational approach and in terms of its organizational structure. The effects of such challenges have led to significant academic achievements and the rapid development of the institution.

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