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Liaison office

The Liaison Office (F.E.K. 5897/-Β-31.12.2020) provides its services to the students and the graduates of the University of the Aegean, aiming at networking the UAegean academic community with the marketplace and the business world in general.


In particular, the Liaison Office supports the following objectives and services:

  • The organization and establishment of informative and vocational activities.
  • The deployment of an integrated informational system, enabling students’ and graduates’ tracking. Through it, data will be automatically collected and transferred on an annual basis to the Quality Data Management System of the Hellenic Authority for Higher Education.
  • The realization of students’ and graduates’ tracking mechanism.
  • The implementing of students’ and graduates’ counselling for academic and professional development
  • The monitoring of quantitative and qualitative indicators for graduates’ professional rehabilitation The publicity of Liaison Office respective activities (e.g. Career Days, networking with other settings for the promotion of the employment.


The establishment of the Liaison Office constitutes an important parameter of the Institution’s strategy for enhancing the quality assurance of its work and its reputation.