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Internships are an institution providing students with the opportunity to work for a short period in positions relevant to their field
of study. In most Departments it is included as a course (usually optional) in the study programme. The basic aim is to satisfy students’ aspirations for high quality studies combined with professional prospects.

The main objectives of an internship are to:

  • enable students to apply any theoretical and practical knowledge they have acquired to the workplace;
  • bring students in touch with the new trends and needs in the labour market and make them aware of the demands for specific specialties and skills;
  • offer students a first-hand experience, enabling them to realise the high demands of the workplace or debunk myths and notions around it –  both equally essential for preparing them before entering the labour market;
  • provide opportunities for a future professional collaboration between the student and the organisation where the internship has taken place.


To get an internship, students should consult with their Department about the procedure to be followed. 

“The Tertiary Education Internship of the University of the Aegean” is realized in the context of the Operational Programme
“Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation 2014-2020” co-funded by the European Union (European Social Fund) and national funds. The specific project enhances the mutual interconnection and synergy between the University of the Aegean, its students and the labor market – including the public, the private and the third sector.

At the same time the University provides the potential for students to do their internship using other resources apart from the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF). In this case, each Department is solely responsible for the realization of this “expanded” type of internship. In this context Departments have the opportunity to utilize and develop their own cooperation networks with social partners and labor agencies related to the subjects they serve and provide their students with the opportunity to connect their studies with the professional field by learning the demands of such a matching. Moreover, the Pedagogical Departments of the School of Humanities offer, embedded in their Curriculum of Studies, a wide range of practicum in schools of Dodecanese including mentoring & collaborative approaches. 

In the frame of Erasmus+ Program the possibility to traineeship in the European & International labor places is also offered for the students of the UAegean.