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Gender Equality

Gender Equality Committee

The establishment of the Gender Equality Committee of the University of the Aegean was in accordance with article 33 of Law 4589/2019 (Government Gazette 13/issue A’/29-01-2019), according to which, following a decision of the Senate, an unremunerated Gender Equality Committee (GEC) will be established at every University, acting as a consultative body of the Senate and Administrations of Schools and Departments and aiming at forwarding equality on all levels of operation and in all procedures of the academic life.

The Gender Equality Committee consists of nine (9) members: i.e. six (6) members of the academic staff, one (1) member of the Special Scientific Staff (E.E.P.) or the Laboratory Teaching Staff (E.D.I.P.) or the Specialised Technical Laboratory Staff (E.T.E.P.), one (1) administrative employee and one (1) student.

The Gender Equality Committee has the following responsibilities:

  • Drafting action plans to promote and safeguard substantive equality in educational, research and administrative procedures of the Institution and an annual report which is submitted to the Senate.
  • Making proposals to the responsible bodies about measures to promote equality and combat sexism.
  • Informing and training members of the academic community on gender issues and equality.
  • Providing consultation services in cases of complaints about discriminatory treatment or stalking/sexist behaviour.
  • Promoting and developing Postgraduate Study Programs and the organisation of seminars and lectures focusing on the study of gender.
  • Promoting and elaborating studies and research on issues related to its mandate.
  • Supporting victims of discrimination who report discriminatory treatment. Issues regarding the support of victims of discrimination by the Gender Equality Committee are further regulated by the internal Regulation of Universities.

The Gender Equality Committee (GEC) of the University of the Aegean was established following decision number 08/06.06.2019 of the Senate and was reconstituted with the decision of the Senate number 10/06.12.2019.