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Europe needs integrated and inclusive societies allowing its citizens to move freely, communicate, and cooperate, exchanging experiences and practices, creating jointly and playing an active role in democratic life. Education and work for young people are keys for the promotion of the common European principles of social inclusion, enhancing intercultural understanding and the sense of belonging to a community but also keys for the prevention of extreme and violent tendencies. The Erasmus+ Programme aims to strengthen potentials of cooperation and mobility.

Mobility through the Erasmus+ Programme is addressed to students and Universities’ staff, academic and administrative, and may be outbound for members of the academic community of the University of the Aegean moving to other countries across Europe and the world participating in the Erasmus+ Programme, and inbound for members of the academic community from other countries travelling to the University of the Aegean, to move to teach, to train and be trained or to work within the framework of an internship.

In this frame, the Aegean people has the opportunity to get to know the academic culture, educational and organizational systems of different Universities, to gain intercultural experiences, to exchange knowledge, practices, perceptions, to discuss with various people,  visit different countries, to travel, to link University life with new horizons and reinforce international collaborations of their University.

Student Mobility

Erasmus+ offers the opportunity to students attending graduate, postgraduate or doctoral studies to realize a small part of their studies abroad. Attendance during mobility is recognized with the matching of equivalent courses (and ECTS credits).

Doing traineeship in public or private enterprises in partner countries is another opportunity provided for students or graduates who have recently completed their university degrees.

Staff mobility

Erasmus+ offers teaching and administrative staff the opportunity to teach or train in Universities of partner countries. Training staff have the opportunity to teach audiences in the receiving university or be trained by members of the receiving university. Administrative staff has the opportunity to exchange know-how with other institutions operating in a different environment – regarding their institutional features and administrative culture.


For more detailed information visit the Erasmus+ webpage of the University of the Aegean: