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Students’ Welfare Office

1 Constantinoupoleos street
84100 Ermoupolis, Syros
Phone number: 22810-97080 | Fax: 22810-97009

Students’ Αssociations

In every Department of the University of the Aegean, the community of students is represented through their Associations. Students’ Associations are the institution through which students are represented in an orderly way and the “fields” where political, social, cultural issues are discussed and where actions / interventions are organised for a series of issues concerning studies and the improvement of students’ quality of life.

The General Assembly is the decisive body of Students’ Associations. The highest possible participation in General Assemblies safeguards the highest democratic representation of the opinions/ views of students’ communities. The active participation of students (women and men), the elaboration of views, ideas, and proposals in a creative and critical spirit in order to make joint decisions about how to manage issues regarding the community of students is a precondition.

Students' Association - Department of Product & Systems Design Engineering


Students' Cultural groups

With the initiative of students and other members of the academic community, a multitude of students’ groups/societies have been created in the UAegean. Students groups are the nucleus of life and culture for both the University and the local communities of the islands where the University is located. Student portals have also been set up to provide useful information and communication opportunities. These channels provide students the opportunity to participate in groups involved with dance, theatre, music and multitude activities framing the development of actions and initiatives based on their interests.

The DPSD Beyond Group is a non-profit, independent and self-organised initiative launched by (undergraduate and postgraduate) students of the Department of Product & Systems Design Engineering, aiming at self-determination regarding issues of design training. Since 2010 the group has been organising events every Friday including students’ lectures (based on mutual learning and similar educational models) and also internal lectures by professional designers, design studios and enterprises of the branch, esteemed colleagues, etc. The group’s activities also include projections, discussions, workshops, master classes, side self-funding projects and a variety of lectures about design. The essence of this initiative is based on open learning according to which access to knowledge is an inalienable right belonging to all and should therefore be generously disseminated to others.



The idea of “My Aegean” originated by a group of University of the Aegean students, initially in the winter of 2002 and mainly in the spring of 2003. The aim of this initiative was to create a network portal for the whole of the Aegean University community and the aspiration was to create a vehicle which will encourage and promote direct, collective and qualitative communication and information exchange, without geographical restrictions, among all members of the Aegean community (students, academic and research staff, as well as administrative, technical or other personnel), to serve as a common point of reference, as a scheme which will stimulate and facilitate interaction among all the members of the university. It operates within the cultural groups of the Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering (the founding members’ home department), progressively evolving into a wider team of students from various departments and campuses of the university, offering the possibility of open participation, through the relevant web portal. Additionally, with time, this network portal has grown to provide a firm ground for action, and numerous activities have been fostered and has significantly contributed to the projection of the University, thus making it more widely known to the public. It has gradually come to act as a springboard for creative collaboration and exchange of ideas among a great number of people, both within and outside the University of the Aegean, with the aim of promoting culture and encouraging a qualitative, fruitful means of interaction.

This initiative is participatory, voluntary and non-profit, by students for students (graduates and anyone interested as well). Throughout the years, a ​​set of services are built and developed such as: e-Magazine with a variety of columns, a supporting infrastructure for Radio Stations, a Forum platform that facilitates discussions around various topics for everyday life, society, university, news, as well as Open Repositories for hosting audiovisual material (photos, videos, archives), thus offering ways for people and student teams to utilize, disseminate and preserve events and activities from everyday life at the university and the Aegean. Occasionally, the community / portal together with collaborations and with other organizations or student groups also carries out local actions, such as documentary screenings, festival-type events or exhibitions, seminars, speeches. Among all, it actively participates in projects that promote open standards and technologies (e.g. FOSS Communities, Creative Commons). During past years, it supported part of the dissemination needs of the “Cultural Week” festival that was organized by the University of the Aegean (it also maintains a website / historical archive with audiovisual material of the festival), while it has also contributed as partner to large cultural and educational festivals such as “AnimaSyros Animation Festival”, “Medieval Festival of Rhodes”, or the “Athens Video / Digital Arts Festival” as well as in information and career exhibitions, such as an exhibition for “Education and Work” regarding career opportunities, reinforcing the extroversion of the university itself , its courses and departments and its people. A number of initiatives or ideas have also emerged from the wider community, with a rich presence inside and outside Greece.

This set of efforts and activities, through this collective action of “MyAegean”, is somehow a substantial move towards a development of initiatives based on a sense of “belonging” and an awareness that could emerge under this concept, in a single academic family without geographical restrictions. An ever-evolving effort to potentially act as a cradle of free thought, creation, application of scientific knowledge and culture. Anyone can freely participate, as long as they respect and accept the values ​​and core principles of the effort, fostering their creativity and skills.

Email:  & official web portal site  

The TEDx University of the Aegean came back to Ermoupolis, Syros for a third consecutive year, on 18 March 2017 at the Apollo Theatre,  with a refreshed mood for ideas worth spreading and committed to the vision to unite the islands of the University the Aegean under a common cause.  Apart from the main events which took place in Syros, Chios, Samos, Lesvos and Rhodes, a number of parallel events through livestreaming, workshops, exhibitions and activities were also organised, debunking geographical distances in practice and transferring the experience of the TEDx University of the Aegean to the Aegean islands. Stay tuned for more information.


The Cinema Group is an active students’ group which organises film projections and tributes to specific directors, actors or thematic areas. Film projections are organised every Tuesday.



Counseling Center

In collaboration with the Psychologists Office of “Vostanio” General Hospital of Mytilene

The University of the Aegean, constantly aiming to support the members of the University community and especially its students to complete their studies smoothly, tries to provide multiple services among them the psychosocial care services.

Within this framework, the “Network of Counseling and Psychological Support Centres” with its administrative headquarters in Mytilini, was established by decision of the Senate No. 17 on the date of 04.06.2008. The Network, through the establishment of 6 branches in its respective units, provides the students with counseling services and primary psychosocial support, as well as the employees at the University and the local community and moreover handles educational needs and research programs in collaboration with other agencies, in matters of psychosocial needs, clinical and counseling psychology.

All services are provided free of charge and in strict confidence, in accordance with the principles of confidentiality.

Academic coordinators

  • Papakosotpoulos Vasileios, Ass. Professor
  • Leontaniakou Eirini, Lecturer, Department of Product Design Engineering and Systems of the Polytechnic School of the University of the Aegean 

Psychologist of the Councelling Center

  • Liana Tsarouxa 

Contact information


Phone number: 22813 60634