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Students’ Welfare Office

Students' Residence
Dimotikou Stadiou street
83200, Karlovassi, Samos
Phone number: 22730 -82028, 82011 | Fax: 22730 - 82089

Students’ Αssociations

In every Department of the University of the Aegean, the community of students is represented through their Associations. Students’ Associations are the institution through which students are represented in an orderly way and the “fields” where political, social, cultural issues are discussed and where actions / interventions are organised for a series of issues concerning studies and the improvement of students’ quality of life.

The General Assembly is the decisive body of Students’ Associations. The highest possible participation in General Assemblies safeguards the highest democratic representation of the opinions/ views of students’ communities. The active participation of students (women and men), the elaboration of views, ideas, and proposals in a creative and critical spirit in order to make joint decisions about how to manage issues regarding the community of students is a precondition.

Students' Association - Department of Mathematics


Students' Association - Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering




Students' Association - Department of Statistics and Actuarial-Financial Mathematics


Students' Cultural Groups

With the initiative of students and other members of the academic community, a multitude of students’ groups/societies have been created in the UAegean. Students groups are the nucleus of life and culture for both the University and the local communities of the islands where the University is located. Student portals have also been set up to provide useful information and communication opportunities. These channels provide students the opportunity to participate in groups involved with dance, theatre, music and multitude activities framing the development of actions and initiatives based on their interests.

Person responsible: Vassilis Zobanakis

Phone number: 6972027223


The FOSS Community of the University of the Aegean is a group of free software users connected with each other through the University of the Aegean, their interest in technology and learning. Their aims include promoting FOSS within and outside the university, developing and participating in open code projects and exchanging experiences, ideas and opinion in order to acquire new knowledge. Members of the community organise presentations and workshops and all the activities organised by the group are open to free participation. This way all students interested can be informed about the more recent developments in the field and enrich their knowledge. The community is hosted on the 1st floor of the Papanikolaou Building (STHE) in Karlovassi, Samos.

Persons responsible: Ioannis Konstadinidis, Antonis Tzorvas

Phone number: 6978466068, 6977159714



The Cinema Club “Iris” was established more than 20 years ago. It is located at Karlovassi, Samos and is accommodated at the Algorithm of Taste building. The club shows movies and organises special tributes every Friday at 21:00. Every year from October to June we organise events and special tributes to specific directors or thematic fields. The club is open to all cinephiles wishing to share ideas and make suggestions for movies to be projected.


Person responsible: Vangelis Zoukas

Phone number: 6978474666


The Music Group has been created by a students’ group of the Science School of the University of the Aegean who love music. It has been functioning for more than 15 years and has more than 30 members. Its aim is to gather students who have a passion for music and this is the reason it has a venue at the school complex and equipment for rehearsals. Group members meet regularly to discuss and find solutions to problems and organise concerts for students’ bands.


Persons responsible: Giorgos Tsiridis, Ioannis Roussos, Kostas Lavos

Phone number: 6958334688, 6982228500, 6951490108



Person responsible: Giorgos Koukioglou

Phone number: 6988929102


Person responsible: Pandelis Zoupis

Phone number: 6976907814


Person responsible: Dimitra Maltezou

Phone number: 6985966923



Person responsible: Mathaios Houliaras

Phone number: 6978377543


Person responsible: Dimitris Dermanis

Phone number: 6972225469



Person responsible: Euripides Gerontis

Phone number: 22730 82051, 22730 82158



Counseling Center

In collaboration with the Psychologists Office of “Vostanio” General Hospital of Mytilene

The University of the Aegean, constantly aiming to support the members of the University community and especially its students to complete their studies smoothly, tries to provide multiple services among them the psychosocial care services.

Within this framework, the “Network of Counseling and Psychological Support Centres” with its administrative headquarters in Mytilini, was established by decision of the Senate No. 17 on the date of 04.06.2008. The Network, through the establishment of 6 branches in its respective units, provides the students with counseling services and primary psychosocial support, as well as the employees at the University and the local community and moreover handles educational needs and research programs in collaboration with other agencies, in matters of psychosocial needs, clinical and counseling psychology.

All services are provided free of charge and in strict confidence, in accordance with the principles of confidentiality.

Counselling Centre of Samos


In collaboration with FAROS, Centre for Addiction Prevention and the Promotion of Psychosocial Health

Academic coordinators

  • Karida Maria, Assoc. Professor Department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering, School of Engineering of the University of the Aegean

Psychologist of the Councelling Center

Tsouvala Despoina 

Contact information

Address: Patriarchou Damianou, Vathi, Samos

Phone number: 22730 23443, 87070, 87071


Contact information


Aegean University Sports

The “Aegean University Sports” sector enables students to participate in a variety of sports activities and events based on their interests and sports preferences. By participating in the representative university groups of individual and group sports, students have the opportunity to represent the University in national university sports competitions and in European or world university competitions.

Activities for specific sports are organised on a regular basis in all the islands where university units are located. Depending on the interest the students show, activities are also organized in additional sports, often with technical support from students with proven experience and championship course in the respective sport.


Persons responsible for physical education:

Euripides Gerontis



Phone number: 22730 82051 / 6974957246