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Students’ Welfare Office

2 Mitropoliti Ioakeim
81400 Myrina, Lemnos
Phone number: 22540-83013 | Fax: 22540-83009

Students’ Αssociations

In every Department of the University of the Aegean, the community of students is represented through their Associations. Students’ Associations are the institution through which students are represented in an orderly way and the “fields” where political, social, cultural issues are discussed and where actions / interventions are organised for a series of issues concerning studies and the improvement of students’ quality of life.

The General Assembly is the decisive body of Students’ Associations. The highest possible participation in General Assemblies safeguards the highest democratic representation of the opinions/ views of students’ communities. The active participation of students (women and men), the elaboration of views, ideas, and proposals in a creative and critical spirit in order to make joint decisions about how to manage issues regarding the community of students is a precondition.

Students' Association - Department of Food Science and Nutrition


Students' Cultural groups

With the initiative of students and other members of the academic community, a multitude of students’ groups/societies have been created in the UAegean. Students groups are the nucleus of life and culture for both the University and the local communities of the islands where the University is located. Student portals have also been set up to provide useful information and communication opportunities. These channels provide students the opportunity to participate in groups involved with dance, theatre, music and multitude activities framing the development of actions and initiatives based on their interests.

The Hippocrates Botanical Garden of Lemnos is the first Botanical Garden of the University of the Aegean established in 2015 and having a variety of 150 plants. The group is responsible for taking care and cleaning the garden, whenever necessary, and for organising visits and other activities. The group has created and tends its own vegetable garden in Myrina.


The official website of the botanical garden:

The Botanical Garden Group was established in 2014 by Panagiotis Malamelis

The Students’ Vegetable Garden was established in 2016 by Giorgos Froutis

Person responsible: Giorgos Froutis

Phone number: 6980638271


The Students’ Cooking Group aims at promoting cooperation among students in order to prepare a variety of dishes. The group participates in all the activities of the Association, as for example the Students’ Expression, where there is a buffet of the best dishes and desserts created during the semester and the 3rd Students’ Solidarity Festival. To participate in the group it is not necessary to know how to cook, as learning this skill and having fun is part of the whole project.

The group gathers at the Hospital of Lemnos Kitchen

The Cooking Group was established in 2012 by Timour Ali Oglou

Person responsible: Antonis Pegos

Phone number: 6944166113


Whoever has an interest in being involved in activities concerning the entire students’ community and society in general can become a member of the volunteers group. The group aims at providing help for anything needed by other students’ groups, at organising and participating in voluntary and charity events.Since 2012 the main activity of the group is to organise the Christmas bazaar, initially as a separate event and then in the context of the Students’ Solidary Festival. It is an event with a charitable cause and is realised through the work accomplished by students. Our motto is “United we stand, divided we fall!”

The Volunteers Group was established in 2011 by Eleni Symeonidi.

Person responsible: Maria Bista

Phone number: 6980632561


The Students Visual Arts Group was established in order for students to express themselves freely. It takes part in all the events organised by the Students’ Association, helps other teams and creates. Meetings take place on a weekly basis and the materials to be used are there already.


The Visual Arts Group was established in 2015 by Dimitris Vossos, Sylvia Bratsi and Marianna Karabinaki

Persons responsible: Dimitris Vossos, Sylvia Bratsi and Marianna Karabinaki

Phone number: 6947666486

Participation in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Students Expression with the plays “The Bourgeois Gentleman” by Molière, “An instant before” by Sergi Belbel, “Eight voices of silence” and “Liza” by Ioannis Tomazos and in the 1st Students’ Solidarity Festival of Lemnos with one-act-plays of modern and classical theatre, in the 2nd with the play “The Investigation” by Peter Weiss and in the 3rd with the “Magic Key” by Karmen Rougeri and “Please let’s keep it between us” by Rigas- Apostolou. The group has also represented the Department in the International Ancient Drama Festival in Sicily and the 1st Ancient Drama Festival realised by the MCF – Michael Cacoyiannis Foundation in Ancient Olympia with the tragedy of Euripides “Hecuba”.  Group meetings take place twice a week.

The Theatrical Group was established in 2011 by Stelmos Simandirakis and Lina Zafeiriou.

Persons responsible: Leonidas Emmanouilidis, Constantinos Pistofidis

Phone number: 6982325972, 6986131038


Τhe group advances its knowledge on photography through meetings which have the form of theoretical and practical seminars. The aim of the group is to specialise in photography with the contribution of all members of the group and our final destination is to organise annual exhibitions during the Students’ Solidarity Festivals and the Students’ Expression organised by our School.

The Photography Group was established in 2012 by Nikos Tsamandouras.

Persons responsible: Akis Papazoglou Stella Kostaki

Phone number: 6986740583, 6988200988


The Students’ Music Group was created in order to allow us to express our concerns and entertain fellow students and the locals of Lemnos. This is accomplished through our participation in the 1st Students’ Solidarity Festival of Lemnos, in the Students’ Expression organised by our Association and in other gigs around the island.

Person responsible: Alexandros Athanasiou

Person responsible: Alexandros Athanasiou

The Students’ Dance Group was established in 2011 after a lot of effort. Group members are students who are knowledgeable and students wishing to learn some kind of dance, e.g. ballet, modern dance, hip-hop, breaking, Latin or traditional dances. The group has participated in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Students’ Expression and the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Students’ Solidarity Festival of Lemnos. The group meets twice a week mostly on weekends. Year after year the group develops and students considering dancing a significant part of their life join the group. 

The Dance Group was established in 2011 by Niki Karatza and Thomas Damaris.

Persons responsible: Myrsini Flessa, Katerina Zara

Phone number: 6973026530, 6987113587


The Students’ Basketball Team is open to any student wishing to participate. Meetings usually take place twice a week at the indoor basketball ground of Lemnos. The team participates in Students’ Expression with a tournament 3on3, and the tournament organised every June in Koutali, Lemnos.

The Basketball team was established in 2011 by Vagelis Tzagarakis.

Person responsible: Grigoris Livieratos

Phone number: 6970210799


The Students’ Volleyball team was established in order to attract students to volleyball and provide training. Trainings take place on specific weekdays at the indoor volleyball ground of Myrina. The team has participated in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Students’ Expression, organising a beach volley tournament, 2VS2, between teams consisting of students and locals.

Person responsible: Efi Petridou

Phone number: 6979218619


The Self-defense Group was established in 2016 by Denia Kapsi.

Person responsible: Denia Kapsi

Phone number: 6984980429

Having fun and training and being committed to biking. Our team is one of the first to be established in our Department. When allowed by the weather we take our bikes, gather all together and explore the beautiful island of Lemnos.

The Biking Team was established in 2012 by Dimitris Papakonstadinakis and Costas Dendopoulos

Person responsible: Panagiotis Karmiris

Phone number: 6982349158


The Students’ Football Team of Lemnos was established 9 years ago by students of the Department who love football. It’s a team only for students who may or may not have been involved with football and has participated in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Students’ Expression. Meetings take place once a week and students either play a football game with each other or compete against Palaimahoi (i.e. the veterans) of Lemnos.

The Football Team was established in 2012 by Dimitris Papakonstadinakis.

Person responsible: Aris Anagnostou

Phone number: 6941645096


The Animal Welfare Group (TETD) was established in order to support the local Animal Welfare Association of Lemnos, in collaboration with the Volunteers Group. Up to now we have helped with the construction of wooden houses for stray animals. Also, with the projection of the film “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale” (2009, directed by Lars Sven Hallström) we managed to gather funds which we offered to the local Animal Welfare Association. To help with the adoption of stray animals we have visited the area where they are hosted, played with them and took photos.


The Animal Welfare Group was established in 2014 by Constantinos Gezepis.

Person responsible: Stavroula Tsibliaraki

Phone number: 6946274630


Counseling Center

In collaboration with the Psychologists Office of “Vostanio” General Hospital of Mytilene

The University of the Aegean, constantly aiming to support the members of the University community and especially its students to complete their studies smoothly, tries to provide multiple services among them the psychosocial care services.

Within this framework, the “Network of Counseling and Psychological Support Centres” with its administrative headquarters in Mytilini, was established by decision of the Senate No. 17 on the date of 04.06.2008. The Network, through the establishment of 6 branches in its respective units, provides the students with counseling services and primary psychosocial support, as well as the employees at the University and the local community and moreover handles educational needs and research programs in collaboration with other agencies, in matters of psychosocial needs, clinical and counseling psychology.

All services are provided free of charge and in strict confidence, in accordance with the principles of confidentiality. 

Counselling Centre of Lemnos

In cooperation with Centre for Addiction Prevention and the Promotion of Psychological Health of Lemnos and Agios Eustratios, entitled “Poliochni”.

Academic coordinators


  • Giaginis Constantinos, Associate Professor
  • Giaouris Efstathios, Assistant Professor, Department of Food Science and Nutrition, School of the Environment of the University of the Aegean

Psychologist of the Councelling Center

  • Liana Tsarouxa

Contact information

Phone number: 22540 22751