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Campus Life

Visa guidance

Detailed information for foreigners wishing to visit Greece and, by extension, the Schengen Area (visa requirements by country of origin, Greek or foreign Authorities that issue visas for Greece abroad) are provided at the official website of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Language requirements

All undergraduate courses are taught in Greek. However, the University of the Aegean provides International Modules in English for Erasmus Students.

For language requirements regarding postgraduate courses please consult the information service of each individual postgraduate program.

Teaching of Modern Greek language as a foreign language at the University of Aegean

Welfare provisions and amenities

Aiming to ensure satisfactory living conditions for students and promote socio-cultural development as well as and physical and mental health and recreation during their studies, the University of the Aegean supports a series of services and welfare provisions.

Catering provisions

In all the academic units of the University of the Aegean, located on six Aegean islands, there are Refectories providing breakfast, lunch and dinner. Refectories function on a daily basis and on weekends and holidays, apart from the Christmas and Easter holidays, from September 1st through June 30th, every academic year.

Free meals or meals for € 2,5 per day

The University of the Aegean provides the right for free meals to a certain number of students. This number depends on whether those applying for free meals meet the criteria set by the law and also on the funds provided by the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs. However, students not entitled to free meals can use the refectory and buy three (3) meals per day for 2,5 euros.

Who is eligible to receive a free meal?

Eligibility requirements for free meals and ranking criteria in order of priority are defined by the law. Free meals are provided to a specific number of students based on this ranking and the budget line of the University. Moreover, there is an ongoing renewal procedure of the beneficiary list applied at the University of the Aegean (every 15 days) to ensure that students not exercising their right for free meals are supplemented by runners-up.

Submitting an application

Applications for free meals are submitted electronically to the special informational system all through the academic year. It is not required to submit printed documents to the Students’ Welfare Offices. Applications for free meals/ accommodation and the required documents are submitted only electronically and uploaded into the system as PDF documents.

The terms and eligibility requirements for free accommodation provided to the students of the University are decided by the Senate of the University of the Aegean.

Provisions and facilities

The University of the Aegean has the capacity to provide free accommodation for a specified number of students on every island. The number of beneficiaries depends on the availability of infrastructure and/ or available funds.

More specifically, the University of the Aegean has 672 beds (in rented and privately owned dorms) allocated as follows per University Unit:

University Unit


Rented dorms

Privately Owned Dorms [DP1]   

























Annual period of accommodation

The period to submit applications for free accommodation begins every year with the beginning of income tax return submissions and ends at a date set by the Central Administration of Studies and Students’ Welfare. The right to free accommodation regards the current academic year. Those eligible should submit a new application and the required documents to renew their right to free accommodation. The new submission of the application aims at updating data about candidates and also the ranking order of candidates, after the departure of graduates and the arrival of first-year students.

First-year students submit their application when they register.

The lists of those eligible for free accommodation and of runner-ups are announced at the beginning of October, after the registration of first-year students has been completed.

Those entitled to free accommodation maintain their right up to June 30th of the running academic year and from September 1st up to September 30th of the next academic year.

 Students eligible for free accommodation

The right to submit an application for free accommodation is provided for:

Active students, i.e. undergraduate and postgraduate students and PhD candidates who have not received a degree (bachelor, postgraduate degree or PhD).

The above-mentioned students who either themselves or their family does not possess a privately owned house or do not have the usufruct of a house in the city/town where their School is based and in a distance less than 40 kilometers from it and their permanent residence (privately owned or rented) is in a distance bigger than 40 kilometers from the base of their Department.

Active students are:

Undergraduates going through up to the n+2 semester of their studies (n is the minimum number of semesters required to get a degree).

Postgraduates going through up to the n semester of their studies (n is the indicative number of semesters required to attend a postgraduate study program as defined in the Government Gazette for the specific program).

PhD candidates going through up to the 5th year of their studies from the date they started their PhD (i.e. the date the Three-member Counselling Committee was appointed by the Assembly of the Department).

Prioritization of applications

In order to provide accommodation (rooms) to those interested, a prioritization procedure is followed for the applications submitted based on social and financial criteria.

Submission of applications

Applications for free accommodation are submitted only electronically to the special informational system of the Students’ Welfare and Counselling Department and the required documents are uploaded into the system as PDF documents.

It is not required to submit printed documents to Students’ Welfare Offices.

Housing Benefit

A Joint Ministerial Decision issued by the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs and the Ministry of Finance, defines the procedures and documents required for the 1.000€ annual housing benefit provided to university students.