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Academic Calendar

Academic calendar

The academic calendar includes the beginning and end of courses held during the winter and spring semester, examination periods of the winter and spring semester and repeat exams held in September every academic year. It also includes Christmas and Easter holidays. The academic calendar is announced before the beginning of each year after a decision taken by the Senate of the University of the Aegean.

Academic Year 2022 – 2023

September Examination period: from 05.09.2022 to 30.09.2022
Date to declare graduates:

WINTER SEMESTER: from 03.10.2022 to 13.01.2022
(Including 13 weeks for courses and 2 weeks for Christmas holidays from 24.12.2022 to 06.01.2023 and
Winter Semester Examination period: from 16.01.2023 to 10.02.2023

(It is suggested that the 1st week is for substituting courses and for other educational needs if this is considered necessary).

SPRING SEMESTER: from 13.02.2023 to 26.05.2023

(Including 13 weeks for courses and 2 weeks for Easter holidays from 10.0.2023 to 23.04.2023 and
Spring Semester Examination period: from 29.05.2023 to 23.06.2023)

National and public holidays

October 28, National Day

Local (religious) holidays:

  • Lesvos (February 17, November 8,)
  • Chios (July 22, November 11)
  • Rhodes (March 7, November 14)
  • Samos (August 6)
  • Syros (November 13, December 6)
  • Lemnos (September 7, October 8)

November 17 – Commemoration Day for the Athens Polytechnic uprising
January 30, Three Hierarchs Day
Clean/ Ash Monday (the 1st day of Great Lent which is a moveable feast)
March 25, National Day
May 1, May day – public holiday
Students’ elections day
Monday of the Holy Spirit (moveable feast)