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The University of the Aegean at the 4th ERUA Summit in Lithuania!

The University of the Aegean participated in the 4th Summit of the European Reform University Alliance (ERUA), held in Vilnius, Lithuania, during the last week of June. The Summit brought together academic and research staff from the eight Alliance universities to discuss the future of higher education and academic innovation in Europe. Hosted by Mykolas Romeris University (MRU), the conference marked a significant milestone, demonstrating the Alliance’s commitment to fostering unity, knowledge, and social responsibility among academic institutions, as well as advancing its own developmental phase.

Represented by the University of the Aegean’s Rector, Professor Dimitris Papageorgiou, and ERUA Scientific Coordinator for the University of the Aegean, Professor Elena Theodoropoulou, the institution was respresented in discussions with ERUA’s management and board of rectors. Professors Anastasia Konstantelou and Evangelia Kavakli were also present, serving as workshop coordinators on behalf of the University of the Aegean, along with the ERUA management team of the University of the Aegean, coordinating and participating in workshops on topics such as “innovative strategies and tools for social and economic development” and “sustainable development”. The PhD candidates of the University of the Aegean, Eleni Charoupia, Rafael Adrianos Pappas, and Katerina Taka, presented their research findings to the audience, showcasing the academic and research excellence of the institution.

The conference provided an exceptional networking opportunity and enhanced the educational innovation efforts, adding value and opening new horizons to the University of the Aegean’s internationalization initiatives. The Summit, as highlighted by Professor Theodoropoulou, signifies a turning point in the Alliance’s evolution, affirming the commitment of participating university administrations to collaborate on multiple levels.

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