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Erasmus Charter for Higher Education 2021-2027

Quality Certificate Award to the UAegean

The University of the Aegean (UAegean) is in the pleasant state to announce that it has been awarded the “ERASMUS CHARTER FOR HIGHER EDUCATION 2021-2027” Quality Certificate.

The proposal deposited by UAegean concerns of all the actions planned to be realised in the Erasmus+ programme framework and it has been evaluated as excellent for the quality and range of the European and International actions and collaborations proposed.

The ERASMUS CHARTER FOR HIGHER EDUCATION 2021-2027” Quality Certificate award is the prerequisite for the participation of the UAegean in learning mobility actions for students,
academic and administrative staff, as well as for the collaboration of the UAegean with partners from all over the world in innovation and good practices programmes in the Erasmus+ framework in the period 2021-27.