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The University of Aegean in the process of being recognized as a "European Reform University Alliance"

Through the “European Reform University Alliance” (ERUA) in the context of the Erasmus+ program

The University of the Aegean together with the Université Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint-Denis of France (Coordinator of the Network), Roskilde University of Demark, the University of Konstanz in Germany and the New Bulgarian University of Bulgaria, are the strategic partners of the “European Reform University Alliance” (ERUA), the proposal of which for the establishment of a European University has In the context of the 2nd cycle of the Community Initiative “European Universities” of Erasmus + been approved for funding (amounting to almost 5 million euros) for the next 3 years, together with 23 networks of European universities.

 The significance of the initiative taken by European Universities

The objective of the initiative taken by European Universities is to establish a new generation of universities cooperating with one another in a modern, multilingual and intercultural environment, joining forces in order to face future societal challenges. In essence they are transnational alliances leading to the design of the European Universities of the Future functioning as “good practice models”. On these grounds, future universities will be required:

  • to play a mainstreaming role in the establishment of a common European field of education and a European knowledge economy;
  • to reinforce mobility, quality and excellence in the field of education and research, manifesting the benefits of multilingual learning and skills recognition through common programs or plans for education and research;
  • to contribute to the improvement of the quality and appeal of Higher Education in Europe and to the international competitiveness of European Universities.

41 University Networks have been approved during the first two cycles of the Initiative (i.e. 17 in 2019 and 24 in 2020) with the participation of 280 Universities from all over Europe. Greece participated in 7 approved European Universities’ Networks (3 in 2019 and 4 in 2020).

The University Alliance ERUA consists of the Universities which since their establishment have been considered pioneering and sharing a common vision about the future of Universities as inclusive, and forwarding multi-participatory creation and innovation, criticism and free thinking, dynamic interdisciplinary experimentation in research and learning with emphasis on open science, diversity, commitment to both a local and global vision, social interventions through research and knowledge about critical issues concerning the European and the global community.

ERUA aims at developing an original interdisciplinary ecosystem with the participation of 68.400 students and 5.700 members of the teaching and administration staff of the Alliance through the development of a systematic discursive dynamic between Social and Humanitarian Sciences and Arts, Physics and Exact Sciences, Computer Sciences, the Sciences of Mechanics and Technology and the Sciences of the Earth and the Environment, aiming at the methodic and global connection of education with research and innovation, through initiatives and actions pointing to the redesign of Higher Education and Research, learning pathways, community and Campuses on the basis of critical and interdisciplinary thinking.

There are great challenges and ambitions and what is at stake is of strategic importance. The Pan-European Alliance ERUA aspires up to 2025 to have set the basis for the European University of the Future for which the concept of reformation will not only consist  “an ideal good practice model but a process taken over and supported permanently by Universities, as a continuous process of institutional change and renewal.”

The actions of the “European Reform University Alliance (ERUA) will start developing in autumn. Vice Rectoress for Academic Affairs and Students’ Welfare, Professor Elena Theodoropoulou is the academic responsible for the project on part of the University of the Aegean. The kick-off meeting of the Alliance, which will be organised and coordinated by the University of the Aegean, will take place in Lesvos.