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A new English language distance learning “Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Shipping”

Department of Maritime and Business Services of the University of the Aegean beginning the academic year 2020-2021

The MBA in Shipping aims at providing scientific specialisation and expertise in the complex area of shipping. The programme aspires to contribute to the advancement of highly specialised executives who will pursue an outstanding career in shipping companies, organisations and agencies in Greece and internationally. It is of strategic importance for Greece as shipping is one of the most globalized branches and main pylons of Greek economy.

The MBA in Shipping capitalizes the strong institutionalized cooperation of the University of the Aegean with agencies and enterprises of the shipping industry and deploys the tradition and leading position of the island of Chios in international shipping. The new programme also introduces a true innovation for Greek Universities as

  • It is the only MBA in Greece combining the English language and distance learning methodology;
  • For the first time a MBA programme makes use of a continuous institutional interaction between the academic sector and the shipping industry.

The new MBA in Shipping offers students significant opportunities:

  • It provides for a large number of fellowships
  • It provides paid practice internships in shipping companies and agencies
  • It is attractive for working students as distance learning facilitates their participation
  • It includes distinguished executives from the shipping sector who systematically participate in lectures
  • It includes distinguished scientists from other Universities (i.e. University of Antwerp, University of Genova, Technical University of Delft, Shanghai Maritime University) in the context of the international affiliations of the Department
  • It enhances the already high percentage of graduates who have a professional career
  • Being an English language programme it allows for the foreign young students from other Universities to participate, taking into consideration that Greek-owned shipping is internationally known and pioneering.

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