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Research Activities of the Department of Oceanography and Marine Biosciences at the Coastal Environment of the Kalloni Bay in Lesvos

The University of the Aegean aiming to support local development has directed a large part of its research activities at the Kalloni Bay. The aim is to make the bay a model of environmental management and a centre of research and education on coastal environmental issues. One of the research activities is the Coastal Environmental Observatory AEGIS which is funded by the North Aegean Region in the framework of the “North Aegean 2014-2020 Operational Programme” by the Greek state and the EU. The Observatory will provide new data and forecasts for the coastal areas of the Region and tools to design coastal management policies.

A big step for the implementation of the AEGIS project took place on 28th January 2020 with the successful submersion of a scientific anchor for meteorological, oceanographic and sea measurements at the Kalloni Bay and the two sea-level gauges which were installed at Skala Kallonis and Skala Sykoundas (Dipi). Measurements will soon be available on the webpage of the Department of Oceanography and Marine Biosciences.

Research activities will contribute to the assessment of the oceanographic and ecological function of the Bay, the comprehension of exchanges with the open sea, the land and the atmosphere and also to the design and implementation of management policies.

The Department would like to thank all the agencies that cooperated in order to accomplish these activities. More specifically, special thanks are owed to the Shipping Company Symiakakis Sea Services, the captain and the crew of R/K Ioannis S., the diving crew of I. Arabalis, and the staff of Metrica. We would also like to thank the Navy, the Hellenic Coast Guard, the Inter-municipal Harbour Fund of Lesvos and the Archaeological Service.

We hope that when the project is completed there will be manifold benefits for the local society which in close cooperation with the University of the Aegean will respect and preserve the infrastructure.