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Αlumni & Labor Market

Alumni Survey Conclusions 2021

Research Profile
University of Aegean (self-supervision, Liaison Office, MODIP Office)
Type/ Method
Quantitative survey via structured questionnaire
Identification of UAegean graduates’ employment and academic status, and the qualitative assessment of UAegean services
Research Population
Alumni of the Institution
Time period
December 2021 – February 2022

Current employment status

Fig. 1: Current employment status
Fig. 2: Professional status
Fig. 3: Relevance of studies to employment
Fig. 4: Time period for first graduate job

Postgraduate action

Fig. 5: Continuing studies after BA

Residence & Workplace

Fig. 6: Place of Residence
Fig. 7: Workplace

Lifelong Learning

Fig. 8: Participation in Lifelong Learning programs

Assessment of Aegean services

Fig. 9: Acquired Competencies and Skills linked to the Labor Market
Fig. 10: Problem-solving skills
Fig. 11: Satisfaction of Communication with Academic Staff